Call Yourself a FILM BUFF, Then Don't Miss This List

Who doesn't like to watch movies? and that too Hollywood Movies. If you wanna call yourself a film buff, then this list can help you for the same.

Just as my last blog read that Bollywood is left with very few movies to watch out for, so the audience are now moving towards HOLLYWOOD and my blog can help you to have a kick-start in the Hollywood movies sector by watching some of the really DAMN! good movies from the list below.

These may or may not be the top rated movies on IMDB nor I know in which genre they lie or the real names of the cast of each movies, but this list is based on my personal choice and one thing I can surely say is that you must watch these movies once 'cause they are worth watching.

(Movies Names are not written in any order, just kept  on remembering the names and writing it down...)


1- THE GODFATHER: It is one of the best gangsta gang movies released in 1972 but still one of the best till date.Vito Corleone is the head of the gangsta family but is growing old but has his son to save his family crime syndicate.

2- SCHINDLER'S LIST: A German Industrialist who firstly for his own profit, saved Jews from The Germans so that they can work in his factory but later develops a concern for them and saves lives of many of them.

3- SEVEN: This movie has a deadly combination of actors like Brad Pitt and always old Morgan Freeman who together hunt for a serial killer who wants them to reach for him through clues.

4- THE SHAWSHANK  REDEMPTION: Once you start watching this movie you wont stop till the end and believe me this movie has such a climax that no one would expect even in the last 5 minutes of the movie.

5- POINT BREAK: An undercover FBI Agent on a mission to catch a group of extreme sports athletes and are the mastermind of a bank robbery.He blends in their lifestyle to catch them but at last ends up enjoying his life in their ways. 

6- MYSTIC RIVER: A story based on three childhood friends who meet after a long time due to a tragedy in one of the friends family. This long-term friendship is on stake due to this tragedy mixed with misunderstanding.

7- SHUTTER ISLAND: Leonardo DiCaprio or better known as Titanic Wala in India and one of my favorite actor is in lead role in this movie. This movie is filmed in an asylum where L Di goes for investigation for a missing patient. And the ending of this movie, MAN! You wont believe it.

8- FORREST GUMP: This is a movie with mixed emotions of love, friendship bond, bravery,separation and hard-work. Tom Hanks is shown as a character with weak IQ and physical strength but for his friend, shows  lot of bravery and then goes on to fulfill his friends dream and after coming a successful man marry his childhood love.

9- CATCH ME IF YOU CAN: Another classic from Leonardo.This movie is based on a true story  of a con because of whose works we use the secured cheque system in banks which can't be plagiarized.

10- WOLF OF WALL STREET: Again by my favorite Leonardo and he has just nailed his role in this movie. Started as an employee in stockbroking and inspired by his bosses' words ,turned out to be the best stockbroker and millionaire by cheating. 

11- TEARS OF THE SUN: This is one of the best war based movies. A team of U.S. Navy seals are send to rescue A doctor from conflict-ridden Nigeria but she refuses to go without her patients and the entire movie is based on the rescue of her and the patients.The massacre may bring tears in your eyes.

12-GONE GIRL: The movie stars Ben Affleck (Batman Wala) and is a real example of the fact that when a wife goes mad at her husband she can surely destroy his career, reputation and ruin him from inside without the husband being really guilty of anything.

13-REGRESSION: Ema Watson, who is shown as a rape victim in this movie, describes about some satanic rituals that was practiced by her father and grand-mother. A detective tries to solve her case but in the end is shocked by the truth. Why Not see the movie and find the truth??

14- WIND RIVER: This is an emotional movie that truly fulfills the saying "As you sow so shall you reap".This movie is based on the story of a local wildlife officer and a rookie FBI agent who tie-up to solve the case of a missing girl who was raped and the left to die.

15- 300: The Spartans army who fought till their last breath until breached by a member of their own region which led them to death but their wills led the others to defeat the others...HAIL SPARTA!!

This is just a small part next list of other awesome movies coming soon!!


If you are an Indian in any part of the Milky Way Galaxy or to be more specific, the Earth, then you cannot withhold your love for Indian Cinemas or as most of you refer it as “Bollywood”.  In spite of your love for Indian Cinemas, many of you may not know who is the Father of Indian Cinemas….?
No need to Google it, I am here to help..
Sir DadaSaheb Phalke is considered to be the father of Indian Cinemas because of his film and the Industries First Film- ”Raja Harishchandra”.

Indian Cinemas is the world’s largest film industry in terms of film production which is estimated to be approx. 1900 in the past year with Bollywood’s  count of 364 films. But the most interesting part about this information that you can’t even name 100 of them. No, no need to write and count and prove me wrong, I am person of belief and I believe you that you know the names.

Talking about the past may not be right as my blogs title will be proved wrong because that was the era in which Bollywood gained this prestige and reputation which is being lost in the present. Bollywood  basically has lost its originality. It has had a long history of plagiarizing other foreign language movies. The only difference in plagiarizing movies by directors is that some do it plot by plot, scene by scene while some do exactly the same thing but add the silly old style melodrama, romance between the lead role actors and actresses and the desire to do something more and different leads them to overburden the movies with songs.
Another problem of Bollywood is treating the children’s of big celebrities very well by casting them in movies as the lead roles and now a days even they are made to sing songs  despite the fact that they can sing or not as Auto-tuner  is not a costly affair for them. I have a strong  doubt that Bollywood has developed this habit by being inspired by our past government “The Congress” as they also follow the policy of inheritance and treating only the members of “The Gan___ Family”. Do some hard work and fill the blanks with the most suitable words. I have left it empty as I already have told you all that I have some fear left in my life.

Until now, many readers reading this blog would have started to curse me  but I have some more things to tell on which you will definitely agree. The situation today of Bollywood is not only because it has lost creativity but also due to the audience who do not appreciate creativity a lot or at all. It is not that Bollywood doesn’t make good films but  the films that are worth watching go unnoticed. Films like “Trapped by Raj Kumar Rao”, “Saala Khadoos by R.Madhavan”, Shadi mein Jaroor Aana again by Raj Kumar Rao” and many more by actors like Nawazuddin Sidduiqi, Raj Kumar Rao, Irfan Khan and many more actors who make low budgeted films go unnoticed despite the fact that they act brilliantly. The audience has developed a taste of going for movies that have big faces, the same old predictive Bollywood story, good looking lead roles neglecting the fact “Acting”. So, Bollywood has understood that if you want to make money then cast big roles, add the same old melodrama and songs and guess what? Even without a proper story line up, the movie will make you rich. Basically Bollywood has become money-minded and not taking care of the good talented actors.

“Bollywood was started with a huge fame and name but its degrading now as watching film has only become a matter of enjoying in the dark on corner seats. People should change their taste and when they do so, Bollywood will regain.

Use This When Meditation Fails:HOLOSYNC

Meditation was the best way to relax one's mind by focusing on their minds or on a particular object, activity or thought to achieve a calm, clear and emotional mind state until the discovery of a great technique known as-HOLOSYNC.

  "Holosync is the most powerful self improvement and brain enhancing and stress-relief tool discovered till date".

What is Holosync?

Holosync is a large set of programs based on neuro-audio technology that uses sound waves for the "ENTERTAINMENT OF BRAIN". It was developed by Bill Harris who got inspired by the work of Nobel Prize winner Ilya Prigogine's work about how non-linear systems enhance and grow provided an explanantion of how Halosync reflects such great changes in the brain that leads the mind into a life-changing experience and emotional changes.Also an article in newspaper named “Auditory Beats in the Brain” by Dr.Gerald Oster which said of using sound waves to change the listener's mind state brain by using electrical-brain-waves that resonate at certain frequencies when are allowed to meet with audio waves of certain frequencies.This two works helped him a lot to go on for the invention. Bill Harris thought of benifiting from the brain's natural plasticity and led to the invention of the science of the new millennium technology-Holosync Audio Technology.

How Does Halosync Work?

As said, Halosync uses neuro-audio techniques.In this technique sound waves are transmitted into the nervous system wiht the help of a low carrier frequency stimulus which is involved with pleasant natural music and environmental sounds. It creates a movement in the brain which helps the brain to reorganize its functioning and thus achieve a high level of awareness and functionalities.It helps the users to reach any desirable state of minds whether emotional or spiritual.(Boys should never bring this line in practice otherwise the jails would get full, kalesh ho jaega charoo aur).

Let us know about Meditation and it effects on brain ,some meditation techniques and some tools used for the same.

Meditation Effects On Brain:

How Meditation effects the brain? a widely asked question by the bird called Twitter.
The Modern Day Yoga
Meditation is the best physical or to be precise a mental activity in which a person focuses directly on the mind or use a object to do so by maintaining focus on that object for a long time to reach a mental state of rest, free from the whereabouts of the world, to reduce mind stress, anxiety, and get rid of a depressed mind.In the process of meditation, one brings the mental process under their voluntary control which helps to explore different parts of the brain.It is like a multivitamin for our brain that is good to be taken everyday.

Lets go point wise on some of the effect of meditation on brain:

-It helps students or people of different age-range to get rid of the most common problem of today- depression by having one to get control over their minds.
-This practice helps to regulate mood and get rid of anxiety disorders as it works as an antidepressant drug.(mood here means the tensed mood not the boys regular mood).
-Meditation for long period of time helps to produce gamma rays in the brain as per the study with the Tibetan Buddhist Monks says.(no gamma rays will not turn you into hulk)
-It helps to reduce alcohol and in a way the abuses caused after the effect of having it.(Na rahenge sharabi, na rahegi hinsha).

If i go on telling the effects, this blog will turn out to a meditative practice as you have to focus on it for a long time.So why not start meditation and leave the rest of the effects for self-exploration.

Some Tools And Techniques For Meditation:

The Best Meditation Technique is the techniques that works for you.
Some types that one can go for are-focusedd attention meditation,open monitoring meditation,Buddhist Meditation and the most popular and effective on is the Vipassana Meditation.

Boys should prefer meditation to get relief rather than the regular task they do to get relief.(you know what i mean😁😁)

All this techniques and tools can just be done by the use of Holosync and trust me -"Its Safe".

PADMAAVAT - A Fictional Movie or A Disrespectful Act

Padmaavati or so called as "PADMAAVAT" because of some people for whom "I" really makes a difference. I will also be referring it by the name PADMAAVAT because there should be some fear in life and I have it; just for laughs, let’s get serious now. So Padmaavat basically is a Bollywood Movie which turned out to be curse for Sanjay Leela Bhanshali and of course for the roads, buses, and so called Putlas in India which are sacrificed on every matter and as you see PADMAAVAT is too big of an issue. Padmaavat has become a really heating topic in India as burning buses, vehicles and causing riots really can raise temperature scientifically also .

 Lets have a short snap in the past about the history of Padmaavat-
 Padmavat (or Padmawat) is an epic poem written in 1540 by Sufi poet Malik Muhammad Jayasi who wrote it in the Hindustani language of Awadhi in which it is mentioned about the then Delhi Sultan Alauddin Khalji’s desire for the gorgeous Rani of Chittor ,(ya you are right, Deepika Padukone) Rani Padmini and Ratan Sen is shown as an Historical Figure.

Rani Padmini was the princess of Singhal Kingdom and was disapproved of her freedom to be more close to anyone by her father just as a typical Indian father does. So Rani had a very close friend as a parrot named Hiraman whom she used to talk. Her father disapproved of their closeness and ordered to kill the parrot(batao tote se insecurity). When the parrot was about to get killed something happened, nothing interesting happened, tota tha udd gaya aur kya.. and this parrot is the real cause for all this chaos happening today.. This parrot basically should have more important role in the movie than Shahid.. By hook or crook Ratan Sen somehow won Rani’s hand and married her and brought her to Chittor fort. Raghav Chetan, Ratan Sen’s banished courtier put the news of Rani Padminis beauty in Khalji’s Ears and hona kya tha, tha to mard hi, icchae jag gayi uski ..and he decided to take Rani Padmini from Ratan Sen. Now I am going to shorten this story a bit. Khalji decided to attack the Chittor fort but until the time he reached the fort, Ratan Sen had died fighting in a duel with Devpal and along with his death ,died the cause for Khalji’s attack and Khalji returned empty handed as no ladies were left alive. In spite of getting victory he lost in love or rather to be called lust..khali haath gaya bechara..

This was all about the story of the glorious Rani Padmavati. I will not talk about the movie Padmaavat coz I am bit more sensible than many so called intelligent peoples of this nation coz I don’t know what is shown in the movie.
I just want to make it clear that—
“F iction is not History..History is something that happened in the past…”  
For Example- “Congress is History..”
Ok,ok, I mean no offence…
“Fiction is something somebody imagined or fabricated..”
 For Example-“AAche din is Fiction”

 Let me give you a bit of update on what has happened last day regarding the Padmaavt Issue..

A school bus full with small innocent children and their teachers was attacked by stones by so called boycotters of the movie in Gurugram, Haryana. There is no sense in attacking peoples and vehicles just out of outrage against such a small issue. If you don’t like something, just learn to boycott it rather burning cities to ashes and causing harm to people and the environment as besides damage and harm, CO is also an issue..Many cinema halls out of fear refused to put on the movie to be on the safe side. I wonder where is the Government .. why aren’t they acting seriously?? The government rather than talking and settling this issue should just let the armies to release their hands a bit and the use of paint balls should also be brought into use cause you really need balls of steel to handle this paint balls. I totally blame the government for such kind of activities as they have failed to provide enough employment.. I will make my point clear.. people remain unemployed ,have nothing to do, come out on the road for small amount of money and do such kinds of activities.. jab tak is desh me berojgari rahegi ,aise log rahenge au raise kaam hote rahenge… employed people remain enough busy in jobs and keeping their family happy..the government should look unemployment as an issue for this cause.. just for gigs..

On a serious note, Padmaavat is a look in the past but the things happening today in this glorious country is a look in future that if these peoples and such kinds of issues are not resolved in less time, our nation will never become the best in the world..

By the way, finally the movie is going to release tomorrow. Mark the Date. Watch it or not ,it’s your call, but don’t be involved in such kinds of activities that harm the reputaiion, glory and environment of our Nation..

Jai Hind.Jai Bharat..
Happy Republic Day to all my Indians..

Thank You..

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Marble:A beautiful Marble decoration can never betray one’s eyes

A  beautiful decoration can never betray one’s eyes; and so is the symphony between beauty and marbles. Marbles besides embellishing the natural decor of your abode holds itself as the  imperial conduit of beautification.
Marble is a rocky material which gives any space a luxe decor look.
Use in home decoration:
Decorate  to  accentuate”.
To a layman, a marble is just a marble but marble is known for landing its beautiful sparkle to whatever object its incorporated into. It’s not a low-cost material but every iota of it goes on to gratify the chic factor of one’s house.
A kitchen island topped with marble is a sophisticated element to any kitchen. Even the almost industrial vibe of a painted brick wall becomes elegant when marble is at waist level. A marble backsplash no matter what your countertops are, is a visual feast in the kitchen. Don’t you feel like to be swayed away by the catchy aroma of the interior decor that catalyzes your cooking pizzazz.
Distinction holds sway in the wide marble collection, which stands out for its elegant natural tone woven through with subtle veins. Small pieces used on the walls of the living room in perfect harmony with the large blocks in perfect piece gives it a replenish natural look.
Your countertops are impactful both to your lifestyle and the status symbol of your house. An elegant decor is not just the aggrandizement of self-satiation but it also saturates the hospitality factor of your house. Be it any occasion, the surficial texture never fails to entrap your guests’ minds.